ProCon Asia 2015 begins in Colombo

The Promega Conference of its Asia Pacific channel partners are gathering in Colombo this year from 18th to 21st May. Promega’s Asia Pacific region consists with about 17 countries and each year, Promega international distributors get together in sharing unique cultural values and developments in life sciences. Promega scientists and experts meanwhile share the latest technological innovations and the importance on all the developments.

This year, 45 numbers of representatives from 16 countries including US are joining to share the latest developments in the life science research. The event will be facilitated by the Promega agent for Sri Lanka, Avon Pharmo Chem (Pvt) Ltd. Explaining exclusively for The Sri Lankan Scientist Magazine, Mr Dilip K Fernando, GM, Avon Pharmo Chem (Pvt) Ltd, said that this would be the first of this kind in life science sector in the country. “Promega has been the most favorite life science research reagents supplier for the genomics scientists in Sri Lanka and this message would be a great pleasure to our scientists”, he added.

The main topics of the conference will be

  • Genetic identity (Human identification)
  • Cell health research (Drug discovery workflow)
  • Biologics developments (drug discovery)
  • Nucleic acid purification technologies (DNA RNA and genomics applications)

The Sri Lankan Scientist magazine will have exclusive interviews with a few Scientists during their stay in Sri Lanka.