National Awards for Science & Technology Achievements 2016 (NASTA 2016 Awards)

National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka calls for application from prospective candidates from public and private sector organization as well as individuals who have made the above mentioned impacts to socio-economic development of the country during 2014-2015 for the NASTA 2016 awards program.

National Awards for Science & Technology Achievements are destined to exclusively recognize the significant contributions made by Sri Lankan scientists, engineers, technologists and entrepreneurs towards the economic and social development of Sri Lanka through tangible or factual science & technology inputs. Transformation of knowledge into products, processes, services or solutions that add value across industry for maximum socio-economic benefit is one aspect promoted by this awards scheme. Secondly, it is entirely designed to achieve enhanced innovative capacity and capability for economic advantage by promoting increased applications of Science & Technology.

Awards will be made under the following categories. The evaluation of applications will be done at several steps according to a set of assessment criteria by an expert Panel of Judges. The most suitable candidates will be selected under each category. If there are no suitable candidates, no awards will be made under that category. Award winners will be honored with a plaque, a cash prize and a certificate and will be presented at a special awards ceremony.

Award Categories 

  1. Individual/team/institutional outstanding leadership in promoting & developing S & T
  2. Excellence in multidisciplinary team efforts in the application of S&T
  3. Adaption of technologies to large industries
  4. Transfer of technologies to micro, small, medium and large enterprises.
  5. Harnessing S & T for sustainable development
  6. Innovative applications of advanced technologies
  7. Value addition to local natural resources (biological, earth & marine resources etc.)
  8. Development of viable substitutes for imports (acquired or adapted) and acquired or adapted technologies resulting in successfully exported products/ services
  9. Outstanding S & T contributions having a significant impact on the nation
  10. Mainstreaming indigenous knowledge for S & T development

Applications must reach the NSF by June 30, 2016 at 3.00 p.m. Late applications will not be entertained. For further details, please contact the Technology Division of the NSF at 011-2696771-3/ 011-2676766, e-mail :

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