MRI- Sri Lanka Hosts a Special Seminar on “Influenza in Pregnancy”

Influenza or “Flu” as we all know is a serious disease specially in pregnancy. During pregnancy this disease can be deadly for both the Child and the Mother because the immune system become somewhat weak during the pregnancy and alter the ability to fight off a disease.

To discuss the importance of influenza in Pregnancy virology division of the Medical Research Institute, Colombo hosted a special seminar on “Influenza in Pregnancy” on 26th May 2015. The well organized event covered all the aspects on influenza and it’s importance in Pregnancy.

The seminar was started by the Chief Epidemiologist, Epidemiology Unit, Ministry of Health, Dr. Paba Palihawadana, who gave an excellent introduction to the seminar and overview of the scene. She discussed not only the importance of prevention of the influenza in pregnancy, but also emphasized several other important aspects, such as the processes of the epidemiology unit and it’s responsibilities in controlling this disease in pregnancy. Speaking further she she discussed about the related 19 sentinel hospitals and their information dissemination, the basic statistics and their behaviors and the set guidelines for case reporting.

Second Speaker of the event Dr Jude Jayamaha, Consultant Virologist, National Influenza Center, MRI presented basically on diagnostics procedures specially on molecular diagnostics procedures like Real Time PCR detection of influenza, quality control and data updating to website.

Influenza in Pregnancy
Dr. Jude Jayamaha Speaking at the Event

Thereafter, Dr UDP Ratnasiri and Dr Priyankara shared the views of clinicians on therapies for the suspected patients and challenges in reality.

At the final discussion, there was a great enthusiasm from the audience of consultants, clinicians, nurses and senior medical technologists with lot of questions and comments.

Influenza Seminar at MRI
The audience of the event comprised of consultants, clinicians, nurses and senior medical technologists

It was highlighted that awareness on the influenza for patients and hospital staff was very much important in proper management of the influenza in the country.