Medray an Online Clinical and Radiological Image Gallery with Sri Lankan Perspective

A team of doctors from the 56th ward of National Hospital Colombo launched a new website with clinical and radiological images of local patients. The website is another attempt aimed at providing clinical and radiological images obtained entirely from the local population. Even though many such images available online, most such images are from the western western world and of little help in understanding local patient situations. Medray attempts to fill this void and serve as an educational tool and OSCE aid for medical residents and students.


The website was launched by Dr. Mallika Karunarathne (Photo credit-Divaina)

The team behind Medray Lanka

  • Chief Author – Dr.G.A. Ratnatilaka M.D – Consultant Physician, National Hospital of Sri Lanka

  • Content Development & Administration – Dr. Dinesh Sivalingam M.B.B.S – Senior House Officer – Medicine,National Hospital of Sri Lanka.

  • Contributor – Radiology – Dr.Suneetha Weerakoon – MD(Radiology) Consultant Radiologist National Hospital Sri Lanka

  • Web Administration – H.A.Prasad Pramuditha somarathna – Undergraduate at University Of Moratuwa