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Avon as a genuine partner for life science research community has decided on offering a few convenient packages for different levels of genomics scientists from an undergraduate student’s starter bundle to PhD student research needs of DNA extractions and PCR experiments.
The bundles includes
Promega’s Wizard Genomic DNA extraction kit, PCR mastermix containing GoTaq DNA polymerase, DNTPs, MgCl2, well optimized PCR Buffers and Primers from Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT).
Know more about sample types processed with Wizard Genomic DNA extraction kit, click here The common samples include blood, tissues, plant, yeast, bacteria.
This offer aims at making the scientists performing conventional DNA extraction method using hazardous chemicals like Phenol, to use Promega’s convenient all in one kit. This will release scientists wasting their valuable time in procurement procedures of different chemicals, reduce long term health risks, make time available for conceptual inputs for t
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