Call for scientific articles, discussions and ideas for the Srilankan Scientist

Dear Science loving Sri Lankans

Sri Lanka is gearing into an advanced research culture with different efforts to populate life sciences from different associations and bodies. In view of furthering the same idea of populating science and utilization for the betterment of Sri Lanka, private sector also has a great responsibility and capacity. However, other than the private sector life science technology suppliers & a few service providers, the most effective method of information sharing, the mass media has not put their efforts in this area of national interest adequately.

The launch of “The Srilankan Scientist” magazine both online and print versions is such kind of an effort which aims to become the premier life science information sharing magazine in Sri Lanka covering and integrating the disciplines of agriculture, pure sciences, molecular biology, health sciences including indigenous medicine with applied private sectors through both vertical and horizontal knowledge levels in the country. This will be a quarterly publication on recent researches, talks of local scientists, research abstracts, articles, news articles, technology introductions, scientific short stories, industry opportunity sharing, and etc which go with the policy & guidelines of the magazine.

The audience will be anyone thirst for life science knowledge, that includes scientists in all academic, research and applied research labs, graduates of BSc, BVSc, BPharm, MBBS, MSc, MPhil, MD, PhD, and post-docs, undergraduates, AL students of Science stream and at last the social activists like environmentalists, sociologists and media personnel.

The Srilankan Scientist will have a scientific editorial board and an advisory panel of sufficient knowledge and experience for the relevant discipline to review research abstracts or papers if any.

We are pleased to inform you that we have already chosen you as a potential contributor for The Srilankan Scientist magazine. You have an opportunity be a scientific writer who can contribute to the development of Sri Lankan life sciences sector.

We would kindly request you to share your interested research or scientific thoughts or life science information in a generalized article (less than 500words). (email to

Please send a general abstract of your article including the topic in advance and the original article with relevant graphics, brief cv and a stamp size photo of the author.

Themes of the First Issue (Development)

  1. Agricultural biology

    1. New Crop improvements – rice, tea, rubber, coco, spices

    2. Veterinary / aqua/horti / seri/ fluoriculture and etc

    3. applied agri – wallapatta, rice noodles like news

  2. Biochemistry

    1. basic researches

  3. Molecular Diagnostics

    1. Applied – cancer, viral diseases, genetic diagnostics, NGS

  4. Medical Research

    1. Clinical researches, drug analysis, fertility

  5. Indigenous Sciences & hybrid

    1. Clinical research

  6. Other Articles

    1. Technology articles

    2. Research papers of each faculties on theme

    3. Featured research

    4. basics of Molecular biology – continued article

    5. Basics of drug discovery – continued article

    6. Life Science fiction

Guidelines for Authors are available on this LINK